Coiled Fabric Baskets

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Coiled Fabric Baskets


Saturday, June 16 | 10am-3pm

$75 (includes $5 for materials)

Teacher: Patt Pasteur

Patt calls her coiled baskets "pottery without the breakage" and takes inspiration from clay pots seen in the American southwest.  100 % cotton fabric, cut into strips, are wrapped around cord and sewn on the sewing machine. The technique is based on the ancient method of making ceramic coiled pots, as well as coiled basketry.

In this one day workshop, each student will complete at least one basket. You will learn the tricks of shaping and sewing a basket directly on the sewing machine. You will learn how to wrap cord, how to start and end a basket, as well as how to add embellishments. A variety of baskets will be presented as inspiration for what you can make. Pat will also have some materials available for purchase, to help you start a second basket in the workshop or at home.

There will be a short break for lunch. You can bring your own food or visit one of the many restaurants nearby.


Please Bring

  • Sewing machine with a zig zag stitch (a few sewing machines will be available for students, let us know if you do not have your own.)
  • Sewing machine needle made for thick fabric or jeans 100/16
  • Cotton All Purpose Thread
  • Scissors
  • Small ruler
  • 1 yard cotton fabric (I will also provide prepared wrapped cord for a small fee if you don’t bring your own fabric).  Don’t buy heavy fabric: you want fabric that’s easy to wrap around clothes line.
  • If you bring your own fabric, please bring a cutting mat, rotary cutter, and fabric glue
  • Tape (I like to use the blue painter’s tape)
  • Buttons or beads
  • Sewing needle

Patt Pasteur is a full time mixed-media artist living on Cold Stream Pond north of Bangor. She has been designing coiled baskets for 9 years which are featured at the Center of Maine Crafts in Gardiner.  Patt is a professional member of the Maine Crafts Guild and the Maine Craft Association.


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