making mistakes.


What challenges you?

I’ve been a confident knitter for a long time, like over ten years long. I’m not afraid of challenges, in fact, I embrace them as a way to grow and learn. But here I am, working on a shawl with a simple 9 stitch lace pattern repeat and I just keep messing up. It’s not that I don’t know what I’m doing, it’s actually the opposite. I’m so used to just knitting along without thinking that my hands kind of take over. They’ve got a plan of their own, apparently... adding stitches and yarnovers where they aren’t supposed to be.


After taking out the same row several times, I finally remembered I could use stitch markers to help me. Duh. It’ll be easier to spot a mistake between markers, rather than getting to the end of the round, realizing I’m four stitches short, and having to unknit an entire row, or worse, 5 rows like this morning.

Four hours of “fixing” and I’m finally moving forward again!

Pattern is a PI shawl called Leaves of Grass by Brooklyn Tweed (which I’ve wanted to knit since the day Fiber & Vine opened!)

Yarn is Herriot Fine by Juniper Moon Farm.

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